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Stupid question!!

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Accord ride height Factory?

Hey guys, I am trying to find the factory height setting f a 90 Accord Ex. When I got the car it was already lowered. Supposly 2.25" To me I have a bigger fender gap between the tire and fender adge than a 2.25" drop should have. I know Accords have one hell of a gap when they are factory. I got 17" on it with 205/45 tires and the gap is about 2" between them. I would like to know the factory height so I can determine how far it is really droped and if I should invest in some Ground control Coil overs. The car has neuspeed springs (h 55.11) and Tokico Struts. Can any one help me???? Also, for some reason it looks like the entire car raised a little when I took the factory rims off yesterday and put back the 17's. How high should the car be?? My car's top fender turn is 25 in's off the ground!!
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Funny. when I lift my whole car to work on it(woo hoo I got a lift at work) and put it back down after a couple of hours working on it, it also sits higher than before. But it goes away slowly. Weird, I thought I was the only one. oh, and your gap, sounds about right.
monster gap

i have a 92 and with 17's with same rubber and no springs at all i swear to god i have maybe even 3 inches of gap... everybody gives me a hard time about how i have the rally car out of the bunch cuz everyone else has lowered there rides but i havent had a chance to get some coilovers yet.
I had the same problem. I had 2.5 inch drop, and still had a lot of room in my fenders. One day I went to my friends house, and he was like...when are you gonna lower your car? After hearing that enough, I went and got coilovers the next day, and had it slammed for awhile. Now i have it a little higher, and its evened out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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