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Hello. Ok I'd like to first state that I'm not much of a car buff and I'm still learning how cars work and stuff, especially mine. About two weeks ago my '98 GSR died on me on the highway. While I was shifting from 2nd to 3rd around 7k I heard a popping sound from my exhaust. I was in the middle lane of a three-lane highway and it just died right there. The engine turned right off and the dash lights went on. Luckily no one was on the right lane so I was able to pull over to the shoulder. I tried to start it again. It was cranking but wasn't turning over. Popping sounds from my exhaust (Apex N1, btw) could be heard. Anyway, I had it towed to my house and the next morning I had a look at it.

I started with the spark plugs and changed them. They were due for replacement anyway. Next I opened up the distributor cap and low and behold there was the problem. A broken rotor. Can this happen during driving? I bought a new rotor from Acura and swapped it in. It starts fine and I test drove it around the block. Now I'm experiencing sudden random "jolts" when shifting.. also when cruising. I don't really know how to describe it. And when in neutral, my revs aren't smooth. I guess I didn't connect the spark plug wires correctly? I removed them from the cap but now can't remember how they go in. Is there a diagram online or something?

Also my check engine and ABS lights are on. I used the paper-clip method and CEL is throwing code 90 (Evaporative Emission Control System leak detected in the fuel tank area) while ABS is throwing code 15 wheel senor (open/short to body ground/short to power) RR. What should I do? Thanks for all your help!
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