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sup people good to be back

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i just got my engine and was wondering what type of oil to use
i can get royal purple pretty cheap, is there a better oil to use
also what do you guys think about the unorthadox crank pulley
what is the difference between the ultat -R and ultra-S
reason i am asking is because i got the motor and he crank pulley has a chip on the outer most lip will this do any damage
any help will be greatly accepeted
jason :confused:
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Well lets say it wont make it any smoother ;) , id get a new one just in case , id hate to see a motor eat itself up just because of a warped crankpulley.
Replace the pulley. I had the same thing happen and replaced mine with a stock unit. Don't take any chances.:)
so you guys say that i should replace with a stock one? or go ahead and get the unorthadox one?
thanks for the help
i heard that when replacing to one of the none honda crank pulleys that the harmonic dampner is removed, which ive heard can literly cause the engine to vibrate itself to crap over use. not sure if its true but its what ive heard, oh i read it out of sport compact one time and on another site
Ive heard of that also. Since the Honda crank pulleys are harmonically balance the aftermarket ones might literally shake your engine to death. Its better to just replace it with a factory one since a aftermarket pulley wont give you any power anyways unless you are already making massive power.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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