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I'm selling all my civic parts to buy stuff for my new 240, i thought i'd see if anyone was interested here before i ebay this rare part

Here is the story on this exhaust: AEM and Honda teamed up in 2000 and were going to put out a special edition performance Civic Si that had this exhaust, an AEM fuel rail, and AEM intake, anyway, legal issues never got resolved, and the idea didn't make it to fruition, so AEM sold off the exhausts that had been produced and discontinued the line

This exhaust is by far the cleanest looking, best sounding, best all around exhaust I have ever seen or heard on any Civic, any of my friends here will back me up on this, SCC did a dyno and it put out 2 additional horse power at the wheels , which is phenomenal for just an exhaust, combined with header and intake, the results were greater, it has 2.25 inch piping before the resonator, and steps up to 2.5 after, full stainless, with interlocking pieces rather than bolt together flanges, i would compare the sound with the Mugen axleback, but this has the benefit of being a full catback

anyway, sorry for the long post, it will fit 96-00 civics (anything but the hatch i believe), anyone interested, get at me, i will not let this thing go for cheap, you will never find one anywhere else, and it is worth every bit

if you need pics let me know and i'll dig them up
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