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superchared prelude sh, ATTS throwing lights???

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im seriously looking into a JRSC for my 01 SH. any one else out there running the JRSC with out problems????

leme know.
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He doesn't have JRSC problems because he's just looking into getting it and was wondering if its gonna cause problems.

Personnaly I don't think its gonna be a problem, but since I don't have a lude witht he kit I wouldn't know if there were any?
well the oil relocator kit gave me the most problems with oil leaks. i took my s/c apart 3 times before i could find the leak, ignorance on my part and for some reason jackson racing sent me the wrong belts.:mad: as far as problems with it installed, none so far. my check engine and atts lights came on again, but it's running ok. i'll have to get those lights checked out.
basicly i baught a car with an option that i like, ATTS, and would like to supercharge it but only if the ATTS is still active all the time with out a hitch. what good is the Type SH to me if my ATTS is off. i might as well buy a base model and put a 100 lb bag of beans<id say rice but im mexican> in the pasanger seat. it would be the same thing.

so im just doing some reaserch around the boards.

thanks for the posts!
sak said:
Honestly, I would ditch the ATTS for an LSD.
TO LATE. it will be more of a chalange this way. besides, nothing worth doing is ever easy!!!
Sry to bring back an old thread, but I followed the rules and searched and found this thread. Is it possible to supercharge a Type SH lude and have the ATTS fully functional? LSD helps with drag racing, but doesnt the ATTS unit help more with turns?
AFAIK ATTS will still work unless you get hondata/uberdata/AEM standalone ECU.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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