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Supercharger for TypeR

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Any one have A Jackson supercharger on the R.What kind of HP at the whells are u getting and 1/4 mile times. I saw a white R here a while ago with a Vortech supercharger on it and the guy said he had like 400Hp. my question is can u put the Vortech Sc form the Si on the type R

Please post other mods with your SC's
Thanks, TypeR690
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Are you sure that white ITR making 400hp wasn't the JRSC upgraded by Endyn? That seems to be the only SC white ITR that I know of.
I'm not sure about the Vortech SC on the Type R but I'm running a JRSC on my 2000 ITR using a Hondata engine management system with 4" blower pulley and Endyn "stepper" alternator pulley for 8.5psi and I'm making 258whp @ 8,600 RPM and 171ft. lb. of torque. I don't have any quarter mile times. I'll keep you updated when I go to the track this spring.
What was Mark Allen's ITR pulling on the dyno in the Ultimate Street Car Challange in SCC. Also, in case anyone cared, the ITR is out, and he built a turbo EK hatch.


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go all motor!
mark allen's ITR pulled about 245 whp... not bad, but by all means nothing compared to 400hp turbocharged power.
he MugenPwr is your R a daily driver and so any problems with it
I drive the car to work 2-3 times per week and every weekend considering the wheather is ok. So the car is driven 4-5 days per week. I drive it hard every time out and I have encountered no problems so far.
Thanks for the info Mugenpwr
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