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Supercharging an Automatic

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Is it smart to supercharge an automatic Civic?

I hear Honda's auto tranny is not very strong, compared to some other companies like Toyota & General Motors. I know Toyota cars & trucks can run off the TRD superchargers and show no extra signs of wear & tear. But what about the Honda auto tranny?
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ALL you'd need to get is a high stall torgue converter.

Check out
actually the tranny is very weak!

it'll stand up to some abuse for a while but then it will begin to slowly die...

best bet is to get an engine/tranny swap,

BUT if you wanna keep it how it is and supercharge it, just do it. Nothing is needed in addition to the kit. After a while you will notice your tranny starting to die, BUT it will still run, just not ideally. Then if you want to rebuild it and get a torque converter, you will be shifting faster than a manual. However, the labor is incredibly high... $800 labor, $300 rebuild kit, $400 torque converter... and if you wanna really get crazy, add a shifttronic for $1200... its a simple plug and play unit so no labor is really necessary. With all this you will be able to shift close to the speed of a ferrari shifter or an F1 shifter...

but as you can see, all this money is better spent if you were to be putting out insane hp numbers, not just around 100hp...
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Its perfectly OK! to supercharge an automatic! I've put almost 30k miles on my car with a JRSC civic EX automatic. i powerbrake and it takes it fine too. no problems, just dont neutral drop it. 15.8 so far, I plan on getting slicks and pulling a low 15 at 8psi.
How about you keep your civic off the the supercharger and save up your money to buy a sports car that someone already modified. There are plenty of owners who want to move onto another vehicle to mod, so that one they are selling doesn't need much to add on. Just a suggestion on saving you some money, then again, if you got lots of $$$, go for it !!

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