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Superhonda's back up......

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Hehehe, just got the e-mail. Good timing, right on the ball with that one;)
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they sent me an email that i havent been on in a while and i havent posted much?
i dunno
any one else get this?

Dear Honda / Acura Owner,

Welcome to SuperHonda A Honda / Acura Magazine And Community Web-Board , you have registered for our site lately... But havent been posting much or at all.

Did you loose your password or are you having troubles logging into the site. If so you can get your password re-sent to you through the web-board.

Also we have added a lot of forums and are still going to be adding more... If you would like to have a forum added....come and post in the top of the board in the suggestion forum.

If you also would like your car in our reader rides gallery or featured on , please send your photos into: [email protected]

If all else fails and you cant login contact [email protected].

Have a great day , and stay tuned...
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maybe they sent it to everyone i used to be a member on sho, and had alot more posts but even so im at 200+ mike sho messed up
mike_sho said:
Someone already has 1000.... ;)
did he get the message also? :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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