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Suspension info.

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Well I plan to lower my car with H&R Race springs. The drop is 2.5" front and 2.3" rear. I have a 2000 Civic Si(U.S. EX) and I'll need new shocks because the stock ones won't last long so I hear. My questions are, is the drop too low? Would it benefit me in any way to lower the car less than that? Will I need new CV joints eventually? Heard that one to. What are CV joints? And about camber. I've heard that some cars don't need any camber correction once they are lowered. Should I get a kit anyways just in case? What about H&R Sport springs? 1.7" front 1.5" rear I think. Hope someone can help me. Thanks.
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it all depends. i mean if you do most of your driving on the highway the drop is not too low. if you mostly drive in the city and you have a lot of pot holes and bumps the ride might be to harsh
and you will scrape often. your stock shocks will not long with the race springs. they can last a month but they can last a year depending on how your drive and the roads that you drive on.
but you dont want to do the same job twice so just change the springs and shocks at the same time if you can.
the cv joints are the joints in your axels. you see when you lower your car is at stock height the axels are pretty much perpendicular with the road, when you lower your car the axels will not be straight anymore. they will wear out fast. but that should not worry you as much. i've been lowered on h&R race springs for 2 years and now i have neuspeed race springs and i dont have any problems with my axels yet.
on my car i do not have a camber kit. if you want to be on the safe side and you dont want to change tires often then get a camber kit. the H&R sport springs are also a good choice.
did you think about what kind of shocks you want to get???
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buy the H&R and get Tokico Premium!;)
you mean H&R race springs and tokico blues??
if so the tokico blues are nothing but a stock replacement.
they are not strong enough to handle the rates of a race spring.
they will do fine with a set of sport springs.
i had the H&R race springs with tokico blues and the front ones
blew right after 15k miles. the back ones were still ok.
i hav H&R sports with KYB AGX...well it depends on where you live...but I personally think dropping 2.5" is too low for a daily driving car..and even with the 1.7"'ll most likely need a camber the front, it only took 6 months to eat up all the tread of a brand new tire at the inside...the rear seems fine though..
Any drop loewr than about 1.5-1.75 you will need to go with a strut that can handle that drop. The koni yellows are your best choice.

If I were you I would go with a coilover, cause 2.5 is going to be too low for some places.
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