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The Neuspeeds I have did sag just a tiny bit over time, but it may have been the suspension bushings relaxing to their new normal position. I would expect the advertised 0.75inches and maybe after a year or so it may shrink down your tire/wheel gap just a tiny bit more.

As far as the shocks, I've heard a lot of differing opinions about the Koni Reds, mainly concentrating on exactly what ntwillie1 said. They are great, but not very 'street user' friendly.
I run the Tokico Illuminas and LOVE them. To adjust, I just whip out a small flat blade screwdriver and turn the adjustor on the top of the shock and you're done. They're only 5-way but it's more than enough for me. I only honestly only use three settings anyway.
(norm, soft for the gf, & stiff for race)

About the sway bars, at the track that I run everyone runs the Suspension Techniques set. They seem to balance out the car really well. All though they hung down a little far for me so I had to make some custom mounts for the front bar and the rear obstructed the lower tie bar so I had to relocate that. But the performance is excellent.

The Neuspeed strut tower bars are good, but don't pass up the TypeR's to quickly, I'm running a set of them on my civic because of a current problem (don't ask) doesn't allow the Neuspeed bar to fit under the hood. And honestly I couldn't feel a lot of difference at all between the two bars. If I had to choose between the two, the TypeR seems to take up less room under the hood, costs a lot less and looks a little cleaner to me.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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