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ntwillie1 said:
i was looking at the stuff you list and I would recommend going with some KYB AGX over the Koni Reds. I have koni reds now and it is such a pain in the a$$ to adjust them, you have to take apart the whole shock assembly. then, to adjust them, you will need to put them in a vice to hold them in place while you adjust them. its just an overall pain in the but process. i did mine last night, i hate them. i've had them on for a few months and the ride was hard, granted it was my fault for setting them incorreclty, so i readjusted them last night but it took 4ever. with the KYB's you just turn the knob/cap and you're done. plus i think they are cheaper. anyway, good luck
The reds are not the shock for you if you want adjustability. At the same time though... Just how often will you need to adjust your shocks?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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