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Suspension Tuning

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Okay, I'm picking up my 90 Hatch tonight...I'm looking for someadvice on what Anti-swaybars to get...I'm thinking of getting the progress Rear Antisway bar, and leaving the front stock. Then going with a nice spring/shock package with some good 15" rubber...

Any advice on what/where to buy as far as anti-sway bars are a concern?
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wut kind of hatch std, dx or si? teh dx and si wont have mounting nuts welded in for teh sway bar the suspension technics doesnt mount in stock location rather in teh tow hooks i dunno about progress... options auto sells sway bar kits for descent prices.
It's a plain Jane DX... I know that I should have gotten a Si, but insurance is cheaper on the DX (well, compared to a 2000 itr anything that you can buy for $800 is cheap to insure) , and I can easily swap in a Zc at a later date....

I'll check out options...thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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