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Im a New member to this site. sorry if there is plenty of threads covering this topic. but i need Help... I own a 94 Civic Coupe Si. i need speed, i live in a small town, and people are pissing me off saying imports are shit. My friend raced a SS350 Camaro and only lost by 2 car lengths.. and He has a 95 Accord . STOCK. i wanna be able to show up some up this american muscle cars. and show the ******** where there dinner is hanging..haha...
i wanna do a motor swap or whatever that is best. i probly have about $4000 Canadian Dollars to spend, can anyone give me any advice or suggestions? Price Estimates? Canadian Shops close to British COlumbia where i can get a motor? What Motor TO get??? ANYTHING THAT WILL HELP...PLEASE?
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get a B18C1 (GS-R, 170 hp) and turbo it, soup the fuck outta that engine....
I second

Very good people and very good product. It is where I got my swap. Welcome to the board!

WHere is located? I know they are in the USA. But where abouts, if im close to there i can cross the line to go down to get the motor.. But if i have it shipped here, its gonna cost me way too much i think. No body knows any canadian shops that have good deals?

with 4000 canada money, you can only afford the b16a, b18c1 will cost more then 4 grand and that's not includin labor.

if you got a si, stick with the engine, si's engine is already pretty good. get yourself a drag or rev hard turbo kit (about 3000 us dollars), and you should spank the camero easily. in located in CA, the exact address in below, along w/ the telephone #. If you call, Steve will answer the phone. He can answer any questions you might have, great guy.
9229 Laurel Cyn Blvd.
Arleta, CA 91331
(818) 723-2572
email- [email protected]

Good luck.

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check the sticky at the top of the forum called SWAP OPINIONS I think it'll help and in the future please try searching first, I just made an extensive post in another thread like this a day or two ago, but I hope it goes well and you start spanking camaros and mustangs ;)
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