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swap question

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ok fellas i need ur help im about to plan to swap my '00 si (canada). im thinking of getting a b18c1 motor or h22a1.. i knoe that b18 has a strong internal..... my question is... is it bad to swap a h22 on ma car?? h22 has a 200 hp <stock> has 23,000 km on it and its only $2700 canadian....need ur opinion right away thenx......
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try the search function. this topic is covered several times a week. i'm sure you'll find a lot of info.
how much horsepower are looking to make? how much money are you willing to spend? are you ever going turbo?
Where do you pick up an H22 for $2700 CDN??? Let me know so I can check it out!!!
Does the si in Cananda have have a b16, that is a good platform to build off of? If not go with a b-series motor IMO...
If you have the h series motor you may experence small handling problems. Also you have to get the motor mount that will let you drop it in. You will need axels from i think a 91 teg and a half shaft from a 91 accord (not exactly sure on that). You will have to get you shift linkages fabricated. To my knoledge there ins't a company that makes them yet. Also you won't be able to have A/C but up in cananda i don't think that will be a problem. You will want to get stiffer shocks and a little wider wheels (about 215mm across) just to plant the power. That is a big motor for your little car.

THe B series motor drops right in. It shouldn't take you longer than a day to put it in. They both have their pros and cons.

I personally would go with the b series motor.
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