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Swapping motors need help

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alright i'm doing a h23a/h22a vtec on my 4th gen prelude, first i gotta take this S motor out, doing it this month, so i wanna get all the parts ready, i wanna know if i can use the f22a tranny for the h23a motor? or should i just use the h23a tranny? and what about the mounts? can i use the f22a mounts or should i get new mounts? what else do i need for the swap? thats about it right? ecu i'm getting h23a for now, til i get the h22a vtec heads, anyone know a place where i can get it from? i found one but i wanna check out my options, well anything would help thanx a lot.

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i suggest u get the whole swap so u wont have to worry about getting every little part that u have to get.
Just get the whole swap: Motor, wire harness, tranny, axles, ECU, distributer, and anything else needed
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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