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Hi All...
Just wanted to draw some attension to Sweden!
I myself have a Civic you probably newer have seen...
A Euro Civic Wagon.
List of mods is as follows...

B18C4 1.8 Doch Vtec 169hp (Same engine as GSR)

*B16 Head
*CTR EK9 B16B Pistons
*CTR EK9 B16B Cams
*Handbuilt Racing valvesprings from Hong Kong
*Golden Eagle Adjustable Camgears
*Golden Eagle FuelRail
*330cc Injectors
*STR Camseal
*Pivot Shiftlight
*AEBS Intake Manifold
*Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
*JDM ITR Throttlehouse
*Homemade IceBox of Glassfibre with open filter
*K&N Breeder
*OBX Oil Catchtank
*Apexi V-AFC II Black Edition
*DC Sports 4-1 Header
*2.5" Custom made exhaust system
*Custom made cat. replacer
*4.5" Custom made Muffler
*Mugen ValveCover
*Mugen Oil lid
*Skunk2 Battery TieDown

Chassie & Suspension:
*Front and Rear upper towerbar
*Front swaybar (30mm) from a MDX
*Rear swaybar (24mm) from ITR
*Rear lower Tie bar
*Middle Floorbar
*H&R CoilOvers & struts
*Lowered 40mm

Wheels & Brakes:
*15" EuroAccord Original 5 spokes
*Yokohama A539 195/55-15"
*Legend-92, 282mm ventilated front discs / ITR 260mm discs rear
*Motul RBF600 BrakeFluid
*Custom made steelspun brake hoses

*Accord Type R Recaro Seats
*Carbonfibre panels
*Retrimmed inner doorsides
*Tenzo-R pedals
*S2K Ignition Button
*JDM ITR Gearboot
*JDM ITR E-Brake boot
*3 x AutoGauge gauges
-Oil Pressure
-Oil Temp

*Custom made grille
*Dimmed HeadLights
*White sidereapeters
*Tinted Windows
*Gold BrakeCalipers (Painted! )
*Removed Emblems
*Removed RoofRails
*FoliaTec Antenna
*Black reflex side tribal

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