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synchros bad in 3rd can i save them

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I head that putting in either thicker or thinner tranny oil will be better for the synchros and might keep them from grinding. Does this work for sure?
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did you change your transmission fluid at all??? how often did you change the fluid??? if you drive push your car eveyday you should change the fluid around 15-20k mi. and make sure you use the Honda MTF. I hear and see lots of people going back to OEM MTF from Redline and some other MTF fluid companies.:)
well...the tranny was grinding since i got the swap. about 10k miles ago. It only grinds when i'm @ more than 6500 revs in 2nd going to 3rd. But i'm gonna try and get a full tune up (including a tranny flush) w/ honda fluid. Honda fluid only comes in one viscosity right?
I had the same problem it turned out to be the shift linkage I was using a modified one “hack job” so anyway I replaced it with a Hasport one and problem gone.

Anyway it may or may not be that but it’s a cheaper place to start then a new tranny
yeah..i'm really thinking that its the hcp shift linkage i have. I'd rather go w/ a more reputable company like hasport.
I had the same problem where 3rd would grind at high rev shifts..

I figured to change over the tranny fluid to 20/50 and it still did the same thing until after driving it for a couple weeks - then it cleared w/out any more difficulty.

I also had the same problem with 5th (at any rpm).. which also got better after the switch and driving it for a while.. yet still does w/ higher rpm quick shifting..

my .02


seeya -

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if it has been doing since 10k mi ago, then your third gear should be messed up by now...:( sorry to say... you should change fluid and maybe considering chnaging the shift linkage, but i doubt that it'll make it better after 10k...:(
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