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ok, ive got a deck, a 12" and an amp for the 12" i need components and 6x9's and an amp for those.. if i get MB quart fronts, do even need rears??? my local shop said no..and if i cant get a high amp soon should i run my mids off the prelude amp or the JVC HDSH77???thanks
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I'd look into a good set of componants for the front with a descent amp. Let your subwoofer be your rear fill.

Look at brands like MBQ, Diamond, Dynaudio, and Focal.

JL amps are very nice for the money
Also take a look a Image Dynamics, CDT, and DEI. And if you have amped speakers up front, don't bother with rear fill at all, except for the sub. As far as what to run highs off if you don't get an amp, I don't know what the stock amp makes, but they could always be run off of your deck, but a new amp is the best route.
orion hcca amp would be great for your components...... look at the boston acustics pro series, they have a set that has 6.5" 4" and 1" tweeter and the crossover...........
if u want them to sound good do not run them of your deck it does not have the power to do so
I'll throw out one more brand....a/d/s/ Their 3-series components and co-ax speakers are excellent. And don't forget to sound deaden the doors...makes a big difference
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