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Just got it from nscra website.

T1 Race Development vs. NRG Tech Racing - NSCRA - National Sport Compact Racing Association

If you want to witness two record setting FWD drag cars, you better make sure you are at Palm Beach International Raceway on Saturday, December 5th 2009. For the first time in sport compact drag racing history, Palo and his T1 Race Development Integra will line up against Miller and his NRG Tech Racing Civic. The NSCRA has been working hard in making this dream a reality and it will be seen only at Palm Beach International Raceway at the NSCRA's Season Finale. So make sure you head on over to our final event for the 2009 season to not only witness the world's fastest sport compacts battling it out for the grand prize, but to see two record setting, innovating FWD racers that continue to support the sport to the fullest.

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