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T25 Measurements?

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Does anybody have the excact measurements for a T25 turbo? I need them to create an adapter plate, so any help would be greatly appriciated. If you have the specs post them or email me, thanks in advance!
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T25?? DO you need the manifold??

i have the HKS Turbo Manifold for a t25 turbo. I was planning to go to the custom route and use the t25 turbo, but i chose the Greddy instead, so i still have the HKS tubo manifold for the t25 turbo, i'm willing to sell to you for really cheap if you need one. It fits any D-Series motor... i.e. d16Z6, D16Y8, holla back and let me know. later

the t25 turbo bolts right up to the manifold, so you shouldn't have any problems with the install, you just need to make your own downpipe.
Wonderful, finally some good news!:D How much would you be willing to let it go for? Also are you SURE it will fit any D-series motor, cuz I have a ZC and I know those are slightly different from others. Post or email me back with the info, thanks!
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Oh yeah, and just incase if it might need to be ported to match, is there enough room on the manifold to be slightly ported?
yeah it should fit

i was "told" that it should fit, but yeah you might have to port it just a lil bit to perfectly match it. I'm willing to let it go for 200.00. Sounds good??:)
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