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hey swlabhot

Sorry I am not knowlidgble to answer all your questions but I can get a few for you.

1) I do not know the size of the itr injecotrs but it would be very close to the limit of their potential at 10psi. You could easily do it though. But I wouldent. Not risking the detonation of that picey C5 motor

2) I would go with the 450's at first. These will be fine for 10-14 pounds. For the 750's that is big! (to start out with) You would have to tune them to run at less than 1/2 duty cycl. As long as that Apex unit can controll injector pulse at all RPM's then maybe... But yet i have never worked nor seen this apex standalon unit before. So I would start with 450's and these will be plenty up to about 14pounds or more and ten advance to larger injectors a you advnce wih your block rebuild

3) Definatly Not! If you plan on running more boost down the roadpurchase a good in-tan fuel pump. The walboro 255 high pressure pump... will be more than enough for your setup. I a going to upgrade to an intake pump as well, currently i just have the in-line made by "Airtex" Walboro is the best.

4) Yes! The bigger the intercooler the more lag. But yes the theory is the bigger the intercooler the colder the air, but that is not always the case. My spearco intercooler that came with my DRAG kit is very affecient, does the job, so dont spend excess $$ on a big ass intercooler- cause all you would get with that is looks not performace.

5) Yes it is very easy

6) Expect on a C5 about 280 to the wheels at 10 psi (just an estimate). But let me warn you 10 psi is alot on those high compression motors if not properly tuned!!!

Hope I helped,
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