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Hey guys,

My mom has a 2012 Honda Ridgeline that while I was out was driving the other day was pulled over for having both tag lights out. I went out and got the appropriate bulbs, and when I went to install them you can see where the wiring harness with the bulb socket had gotten tucked between the outer bumper shell and the inner bumper packing material. Try as I might I am just totally unable to free the little socket from the trap. Short of removing the bumper I have tried all that I can think of. Does anyone else have any advice or ideas? This is bilateral on the bumper, which tells me that the previous owner at some point had the bumper replaced and a mechanic made the mistake of not clearing the wires prior to install. I took the truck to the Honda dealer and they confirmed that this is the situation and advised against the "pulling like hell" technique and gave the "pay us to solve this" option two thumbs up. I will pay them if I have to in the long run, they are much more talented than I am and would probably resolve the issue lickety split. But I wanted to give it a hive-mind thinking session first. Thanks!
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