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tanabe g power exhaust

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So i've come across an offfer for the tanabe g power exhaust for 200 bucks. What do u guys think? My friend is selling his 2k si, and he wanted to knwo if i wanteed the exhuast for 2 bills. the exhaust is less then a year old (he got it last christmas). If i do buy it, anything i should check out on it that could be bad? I really dont konw much bout buying used parts or waht to look for. Any info would be appreciated.
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thats a great deal. i really like the sound of that exhaust. just look for scratches on the muffler and also and rust anywhere, but at a year old the exhaust should be fine as long as it isnt scratched.
i jsut got off the phone with him and it looks like i was wrong, he got the exhaust this past december, meaning the exhaust is like 3 months old. Im almost positive imgonna get it.
Get it , great deal I had it on my si (now my bros car) and the sound is great. :)
buy it man is a good deal!
oh definitly buy it, a great deal on a great exhaust.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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