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Tanabe G Power????

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I have a 97 prelude and have the opportunity to get a tanabe g power for cheap, Does anyone have one? If so did you notice any performance increase and how does it sound? Also what kind of clearange does it get?

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I've got one and I'm always singing the praises of it. It gives a little power boost at high RPMs and sounds great. It's quiet at idle and normal driving, and screams when you floor it. Not a bit farty, no matter how hard you try. It has a deep tone and when you're hitting 4K+ RPMs, you car sounds like a F1 race engine, not a lawnmower. You'll be very satisfied with this exhaust if you get it.
i am not sure about the power boost but it sounds awesome.
Great exhaust , not rice at all....i have it on my 99 SI..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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