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Tech Archives ?!?! Are they coming back ??

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Anyone know if they will be reposted ??
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They will be and they better. I swear since this board came back 99% of the posts could have been answered by the archieves.
You could check out other sites, I know SHO is probably your most visited site, but there are other Honda/Acura help sites. ***********, Honda - Tech, they have some stuff on there that will help too. In fact Tuan is on some of those sites as well, don't limit yourself to SHO, although for me, I'm here most of the time as well. Tech archives are posted at Honda Vision well new ones, but have useful information. Check that site out, and Team-Integra under the article section has great stuff on how to do yourself stuff, and articles about Integras. Just trust me, and CHECK THEM OUT!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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