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First impression out the box this think is smooooth, thats the first thing you notice then you begin to stare how everything is placed on it and you picture it actually fitting in with the stock linkage. but damn you want to sleep with this thing! hehe check it out

install of the shifter is relatively easy as long as you can follow directions so a step by step install was made so install will be very detailed, its basically about replacing where the stock lever is with this super lever, although all the little pieces that are combined with the stock unit will be used again on the pspec unit. this is where i begin the install, taking apart the armrest area which is are simple as taking out the bolts inside the armrest and the ones under the cup holder..

here is a step by step install guide for you guys, makes it hella easier.

after all was said and done the shifter was finally in place and screwed in, it was such a huge difference in feel when the gears go in, meaning there is no hesatation like i would get with my cut down shifter w/ B&M adapter and i had the adapter on the middle hole since on the 3rd one 5th gear would not even go in.

one thing to notice is that i had a hard time getting into reverse i would acutally have to struggle at times, i swear i thought my tranny was gone (haha)
and i always sit in my friends civic hatch's and play with their shifter and wish mines were that smooth well guess what the shifts feel like an accord but noticebly way smoother and the gears do go right in!!

getting a type R style shift boot is recommended and pspec might be able to provide them but it will make everything much nicer looking.

check out my ex shifting assembly.

and last but not least after install pics.

and of course definite props to my boricua helper!! joey! haha gotta love some puerto rican racers!!

FINAL THOUGHTS -> shifting is definitely an improvement, if you all wanted a shorter throw this is a definite improvement, so yes its worth it! no more tranny grinding, or clunky shifting, missing gears and oh god no that reverse gear!! haha

GROUPBUY details!! --> retails for this is $120 + s/h so of course before i stepped in this was going straight to wholesale which of course who ever gets this product would do away with whatever price they wanted. so what i worked out is we can produce 20 shifters specially for forum members before it goes to wholesale. so if you are interested in getting this badboy i set up a GB with PSpec tuning for 20+ levers @ $99 + s/h

Pete Stefanowicz
Owner of PSPEC tuning
True short throw shifter for 1994-1997 Honda Accord now available.
Replaces OEM unit! NOT AN ADAPTER!
email me or call for more info
email: [email protected]
aim: h22accordsir
cell: (386) 503-9473

make sure you send an email at least and mention "chameleon short shift lever groupbuy" as the subject!!
any questions please post right here!! thanks guys!! ps- 4th gen shifters will be produced all u 4th genners email your interest emails to Pete !!

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i did the review 2 months back, if you guys notice the date. i have since deleted the pics. you guys can check out the install tutorial link or contact pete directly for all questions, like i stated on the bottom of the review.
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