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I'm using this on my Evo and pathfinder later in my Civic.

here's my accululated post in my other forums:

Last night.


1.Make sure the car is not in the sun and hot. Wash the car like what you normally do. You can clay bar it... fine.

2.Keep the car wet. Now with the supplied sponge, wet it with water and put minimal amount of tech shine,squeeze the sponge so that tech shine will equally spread to the sponge. Applied it like you washing you car. do the front first then rinse. side/ back and so on. While washing with tech shine make sure the paint is wet but not so much with water. You can applied to glass/plastic and alloy wheels.

3. Dry with microfiber.


I noticed that it's like your applying mineral oil to your paint but it's not messy and greasy. It's like the paint is coated with this aerospace polymer chemistry.

The paint is so smooth. Once tech shine is applied the water is not touching the paint because tech shine is on top of the paint. Paint more glossy/shiny. The plastic materials are more darker. The white residue from wax are gone. The glass is like water resistant.

Now what's the difference between wax. The way you applied it any kind of wax like spray/liquid or paste you can never apply is equally you have to buff it. You can see the wax is darker than the one without wax. Im normally pissed off when I looked at my hood and there is more wax in some part. But with this it is so equal. Plus you applied this with the car wet so there is no friction on the paint compare when using wax especially when you use orbital. You wash and then applied dry and your done. With wax you wash then you wax.... buff etc. but it's time consuming.

Now can you still use your wax after you dry it. Why not. I still have my detailer and I spray it to the paint and I notice that the detailers is not really touching the paint. It just drift cause tech shine is on top of the paint. It's like a second clear coat.

Any water that dries out in the paint did not left any calcium residue. Try it and you will be suprise. If you love your car and love detailing it. This is it. 20 or 30 dollars is nothing for guys like us. I will post pictures tonight. This is my verdict some will use and will have a different opinion. There is nothing wrong to try it.

Now this is not the solution if the paint is neglected/oxidise etc. It will maintain/optimise a presently good paint.

Picture Example. this GTR is an actual member of north american GTR forum... where i found his post about it.

Pictures last night. It's still wet. No justice on this pictures the way it look right now. Needs to go out in the sun.

nice macro shots... nice clean. no swrils.

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OK Tech Shine Take 2. On my pathfinder, never washed for 4months. paint is abused by evil birds . one problem with this big car you have to be quick, when you soap it and it dries it will leave a mark when you rinse it and it dries it will leave a water mark. not anymore. this is one of the best part of this product. it's easy to use. but if your car needs clay bar, polishing, waxing really bad do it first then wash with this.

my 3 babies... my little honda is next.

next time i will clay bar it.

no more water mark. the tires are not worth using those tire wet product. it attracts more dust.

the evo is still shinny.i noticed that even i touched the windows or door handle it will not leave a mark.

Q: Will applying Tech Shine remove the expensive wax I currently have on my finish?

No, Tech Shine will not remove your wax. It will enhance and protect whatever product you currently use.

Q: Is it necessary to use your applicator pad to apply Tech Shine?

No, a wet sponge, micro fiber mitt or wet towel will do. Our pad was designed to keep the surface wet and to spread Tech Shine evenly.

Q: I always wax my black Dodge truck after washing it. I can’t seem to keep those fine lines and cobwebs from re-appearing. Can Tech Shine help with my obsession?

Yes, that’s one of the reasons we say “No more Waxing” because in just minutes after regular washes Tech Shine fills in fine swirls and cobwebs.

Q: Does Tech Shine really work on my glass to?

Yes, Many of our customers claim Tech Shine stays on longer and repels water much better then the leading rain repelling products.

Q: I just bought a red 1996 Honda Accord and the paint is very dull. Will Tech Shine make the paint shiny again?

No, your red Honda paint is oxidized and needs to be hand or machined buffed and polished to restore the finish. Tech Shine will maintain your restored finish better than the best car wax.

Superior shine and protection with each easy application.

Applies quickly and easily to wet surfaces.

Shine and shield paint, glass, metals, plastic, and trim.

No more white residue in lettering moulding or trim.

Fills in fine swirls and scratches. No more cobweb effect.

Better Shine than carnauba.

More durable than sealants.
one more thing i notice, i spill some gas on my paint, i just wipe it off and it did not leave anything, google techshine they are not merchant here. you have try this.
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