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Hi everyone!
I own 2008 Acura RDX and I totally love it. Although, I have a weird issue I was not able to google which makes me nervous.
The issue itself is: sometimes navigation screen reboots* and if at this moment I'm driving nothing extraordinary happens and I continue driving. But if I was on a redlight, gearbox is in D and I'm on breaks then after this reboot if you try to accelerate the acceleration happens very slow, like if you were starting from 2nd or 3rd gear on manual. If I noticed this reboot and switched gearbox to N and then back to D — everything is fine.
The issue is intermittent and can happen 3 times a day or a month or not happen at all in couple months, given I drive roughly same mileage every week.
No "Check Engine" light is on. The previous owner is my friend and he was not able to fix this issue, and he always had it ever since he bought this car in 2016 from his friend, who imported it from US.
I know about one more issue like this, it was described on Russian Acura owners forums, I caontacted this guy — he said the very same thing happens to him. His message on forums was from 2017. He said he checked for errors usin OBDII and got nothing. I will scan with OBDII myself in nearest future.
I live in a relatively small city and we don't have Honda/Acura dealerships near (we don't have Acura on our market at all, btw). So if I want to fix this, I need to have some starting point, because I don't think there's car technicians who are very familiar with A in my town.
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