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TEG/CIV stuff FS or TRADE...

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gotta get rid of these:

GSR stock parts: cams w. gears, valves, int. man. w. no sensors,
rods&pistons, fuel pump, inj. cleaned/balanced by RC and
never used since

Civ DX: shocks, front hub&brake ass., fuel pump, MSD wires,
AC units, Jetchip ECU

94 LS rims

ADR 17x7 Revolution rims (white) with 215/45/ZR17 Kumho tires
less than 2 months old

00 ITR inner springs (16)

MTX 10" 5000 sub (no enclosure), 8-ohm brand new in original
box, 250 rms

US Amps 25 amp, limited edition (used less than 1 year), 12.5rms
per channel and 100 rms bridged at 2 ohms. excellent shape

Cadence 5.25" co-ax speaker pair, used for 6 months.

Clarion Remote, brand new in package w. batt. (#RCB-130)

email me for any questions/prices at [email protected]

lookin for: 94 Teg left upper motor mount, 5G EX/SI gauge cluster, 94+ B series fuel line from filter to rail.
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how much you want for the rims, i may know someone who's interested...

we could trade even steven for those parts you're looking for...:D just kiddin'

seriously tho, i can get you the mount for 55, the cluster for ex is 165, (but i can get the gsr one for $160), AND DUDE, I don't know if this is right, but my guys said the SI cluster is $300... you're better of with the ex.. it works!

The dx cluster is $90, probably because of no tach. That's what you've got now though, huh?

the fuel line... ? can you just pick up any braided fuel line from advanced auto, or pep boys? I can probably get that too, but no sense in paying $5 for shipping on something that costs me $5, when the parts stores might have it for $8? (i'm just throwing out numbers.. don't know how much it'd really cost!)
wait, did you want the cluster or JUST the gauges? i want to know what you'd take for the chip too? do you know any of the program settings?
you were selling civic dx front brake and hub assembly?? those go with 9.5 inch brake rotors, correct? i was wondering if they can be connected to the rear trailing arms of an si or integ to be used for rear disk conversion. if so i'll take em off your hands, give me a price
yo what's up.
i was asking $750 with tires, but the 2 front tires are almost shot due to a caster problem on my Civ so looking for $650 instead.

each rim is about $250 locally and the tires are about $90-100 each. only used for 7 weeks so rims are in great shape and rear tires are cool to. but missing one center cap, others never used.

lookin to trade for super lightweight 16x7 rims in silver if anyone has any in good shape. with or without tires.

i'll take the left mount if it's in real good shape. the fuel line is the black one with the fittings. cant use braided cable.

the ECU i wanted $100 shipped it has basic ignition/fuel remapping from Jetchip for DX.

as for the cluster from a 92-95 EX/SI i can get it from the local yard for $80-100, but i just wanted to see if anyone had one for cheaper.
i currently have the 3 3/4" Autometer tach but want something low profile for a sleeper look so i'd like the stock Civ guage cluster.

as for the hub assembly i actually have two sets, but don't think it will work on rear conv. if it does than you can have whatever you want cheap.

thanx for the replies
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i'll do my best to sell those rims for you! do you have any pics of them on your car... I can get a pic of just the RIM, but everybody wants to see what they look like on a car!

The mount is in Great shape, wouldn't sell crap! If you got paypal, send $55 to [email protected]. I'll ship it out by Noon tomorrow!
and yeah, sorry about the clusters... I thought they were kindof high myself... esecially the SI?

You selling the autometer tach then... how much?
sorry don't have any pics i had them on my car for 2 weeks (my friend was the original owner, had them for about 5 weeks) and i just took them off the car yesterday. put on GSR wheels for now til i get new rims. i wanted to get some pics but my friend doesn't have his digi camera right now.

but i could get pics of the rims when he gets it back.

oh and the price is now $675 OBO + shipping cause when i took them off i noticed the front tires got eaten up real bad from a caster/camber problem on the right side so there almost gone on the inside, too bad.

and the Autometer tach was like $50 new so i was gonna sell it for $30 shipped. it's in excellent shape, black 3 3/4" with 8K redline. not on the car right now.

let me know and i'll try to get pics soon.

yeah, i want the tach... give me the model # on the tach if you know it...
I just wanna check it out to see what it looks like, is there's a mini light on it, white/black face, etc?

do you accept paypal?

also, if you want the motor mount still... and don't have a paypal account, I take credit cards at my shop... just to let you know tho there's a $1.50 terminal fee (sorry)
i got 2 pics of the tach from before and i'll post them as soon as i can. all black no shiftlight, it's the basic tach and most people like the huge 5" which i think in most cases is way too big.

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