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Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs?

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I am considering lowering my ride with neuspeed or h & r springs. anyone have these tein springs? how are the tein s-tech springs compared to them?

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Neuspeed and H&R use Eibach springs right? If so, get either of these or Eibach springs before Tein S-Tech. I guess there isnt much wrong with the Tein springs, but i bet they will cost lots more than Neuspeed, H&R or Eibach. Eibach springs are better anyway.
...dont think neuspeed or h & r uses eibach springs do they?....i can get the tein s-tech for $240 cdn....anyone have these springs?

i would go with neuspeed or h&r
neuspeed all the way
Tein lowering springs are pretty damn cheap compared to others. Now their coilovers are hella bank. If intrested on those springs I can help you.
just wanna know if anyone owns them, and what do people think about them.

I don't know about their Honda products, but on Subarus, their S-Tech springs are known to have a decent drop, stock ride, but spring rates that are too soft for competitive usage. Their coilovers are known to have incredibly high spring rates, which makes them useless on anything but the track... plus they rust if exposed to salt.
Rusting happens with a lot of coilovers, you just have to keep them greased with WD-40 (the threading that is).

The S-Techs may be too soft for you unless maybe they have a medium application for your car (they come in medium or soft).

Neuspeed and H&R springs are NOT made by Eibach.

If the Teins don't come in the medium rate for your car I would go with H&Rs or Eibachs.
yea, the s-techs come in either soft or medium...and for some cars, they also have hard..

thanks for the help

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