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Tein SS vs Tein HA

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Let me start off by giving some spring rates
Tein SS: Front: 448 lbs/in Rear:224
Tein HA: Front:671 lbs/in Rear:448
That is the only real major difference between the two coil-overs. The SS's are softer as you can see, and the HAs are stiffer. WHich one would you guys get, with everything considered?
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keep the SS man. don't waste your money.
yeah stupid modacar..................:D
It depends on how you're going to use your car, but chances are you'll like the better ride comfort that you'll get with the SS, and the better traction on bumpy roads if you're car is a daily driver.
well see, I originally wanted Tein HA coil overs, and my big brother ordered them for me, but being their smart selves..........sent me some tein ss...........
Well, if the HAs are more expensive from then I would say to give them a call and chew them out for stealing money from you...if not, then keep them...if you like them...for street driving the SS looks like the better choice.
TEIN SSs are more comfortable then stock... keep em........
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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