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so im caught between two different brand of the same seat. Tenzo-r makes the type r seat and showstoppersusa has then for 429 for the pair. with free shipping. andysauto has them for 549 a piece plus shipping. but they price match. now andysautosports also has the same seat made by nrg. for 163.90 a piece and about 109 for shipping. i dont know enough about either company to make a decession. any help? either way im getting them in type r red.

SHOWSTOPPERSUSA TENZO-R: ShowStoppersUSA :: Online Automotive Super Store!

ANDYSAUTOSPORT TENZO-R:Tenzo-R Racing Seats - Type-R (Red) for 93-97 Honda Del Sol at Andy's Auto Sport

ANDYSAUTOSPORT NRG: NRG Racing Seats - Type-R Cloth Sport (Red w/ Red Stitch) (Left) for 93-97 Honda Del Sol at Andy's Auto Sport
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