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Test Pipe Questions

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Ok, I've searched around, so don't start flaming at me and tell me to search. I just received my test pipe from I've read that test pipes have that buzzy bee sound so I ordered a resonated test pipe from that site. I know what a buzzy bee sounds like and I absolutely hate it. Now I'm wondering, will that still sound like a buzzing bee just like a regular test pipe? Also, I've searched around other forums and found that a guy in the prelude forum installed his test pipe and actually lost some low end. Is this true? I thought test pipes were supposed to give you some low end as well as high end. If you people have test pipes, tell me if you lost or gained some low end. I was hoping to gain some low end after I lost some with my cat-back. Oh by the way, its a 2.25" test pipe, and I have a 2.25" cat-back. And don't even mention about emissions because I don't have emissions here. I have an OBD2 car and I know I'm expecting a check engine light, so how much is it to convert into an OBD1? And if thats too expensive, where can I get an 02 simulator and for how much? I don't know how to make one, so don't give me a site that tells you how to make one. Thanks for any input.
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Hey, I have an OBX test pipe and I don't notice any annoying buzzing bee sound. Yeah I have my check engine light all the time, and my dad made the mistake of taking my car in to the dealer one day only to get bitched out by the **** working there about not having a cat, so if you ask me, the pipes are trouble. I noticed a little gain, not really any lose, but hey the amount is so low that I'm not really sure what might be going on. I have emmissions here and I plan on dumping this thing as soon as I need to take my car n for a emissions test, then I will buy a sport catalyitc convertor. I have 3' pipes all around. Good luck though, sorry I can;t offer much help.
hey is your test pipe resonated or is it straight through?
its straight through
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