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Testing Adjustable Shocks

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found a good deal on some semi-used koni's and was wondering what was a solid way to find out if they're still in good condition or even any condition at all. most people tell me to adjust it to the firmest setting as possbile, press the shaft downwards on the pavement, and see how fast the shaft rises. supposedly on the firmest setting, if the shaft rises at a fast rate then they are pretty damn good? any help would be appreciated.
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unlike what most people think, koni yellow's can also go bad. I would try and see how the ride is. Also check if there are any leaks...btw, how much did you get them for? A while back i saw 2 front sets of koni yellows on sale on ebay for 75 bucks (or that's what the ending bid).

i'm trying to get in touch with a guy from H-S that's selling his koni's but we've had problems communicating...

i hope its not the same person!
supposedly 200 and used for 5 months
yea, torrance i believe? something like that.
he just told me orange county...

elusiveacclude or teamelusive or something like that?
nah, that's a different guy. i know his friend that's trying to sell me his set. im weighing the decisions.
oh whew...

i'm glad there aren't any inteferences...

200 is a good
seems shady though. i'm going to check it out tomorrow, maybe its a blessing in disguise cause my ride sucks @$$ now that i sold my tokicos long ago. o well, at least i still have the special edition steering wheel that i just won the bid on.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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