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TGS 2008: No More Heroes 2 is On The Way
Suda 51's Wii-exclusive best seller is getting a sequel.
by Mark Bozon

October 8, 2008 - It's TGS time, and that means we're due for a few random announcements in the keynotes and showings to follow. The first major one on the Nintendo front? Apparently No More Heroes - the sleek, sexy neo-punk design from the mind of Killer 7's Suda 51 - is getting a sequel, named No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, and it'll again be handled by Marvelous Entertainment, and once again, Grasshopper Maufacture.

No official announcements have been made yet, but video recently was debuted on the net, showing off an obviously overjoyed Travis Touchdown donning a new style of beam sword, fighting a hot jetpack lady with boosters coming out of her octopus backpack arms. We'd say that's about as official as it could get, right? At the tail end of the short teaser, Travis glances over the camera and shouts "I'll be back" in classic Terminator fashion. After that, we passed out from overwhelming amounts of joy. When we came to, we wrote this story.

We'll have more on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, including new details on a possible US release (Ubisoft, we're looking in your direction?) as news breaks.
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