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That 'black' sensor, if it's a sensor..?

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Yo guys sup..just bought a '90 hatch with a b18b1 (LOVE it!!! :) )
One thing though, the dude I bought it from said that black sensor on the tip of the throttle body may need replacing soon, what is it? Kinda round (if it is a sensor)..dude said it might be needing replacement soon, I checked my friends B18a and his had a 'denzo' thingy/sensor/whatever the hell it is on there, so I figure it's a part that can be replaced easily? Tell me guys please..peace.
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My bad it's on the right edge of the intake manny, sorry DuDes!
My bad it's on the intake manny bro, all the way to the right
Is it closer to the firewall or on the top of the throttle body? If its on top, then its the MAP sensor, if its the one closest to the firewall, its the TPS(throttle position), which cannot be bought by itself from honda. The MAP can be bought seperately.
FaCe said:
My bad it's on the intake manny bro, all the way to the right
Does it look like this?

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