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***The complete CRX modification thread***

:aww Just a little idea that i had in mind for a lil while, where i'd list all common modifications to the entire car, and provide links and pricing to each, so when people wonder what else they can do to their car, they can come here and see what else they have left done, and how much it would cost

It will take me a while to complete it, and provide all the links to it, so it will be a long work in progress, so if any1 wants to help me out with links/pricing or ideas to mod, i'd appreciate it.

lets start

Power Train


D16Z6 head - Will go directly onto an Si model block (D16) with an ECU swap and some wiring for VTEC, all other models will need the full D series motor
150$ for head
150$ for ECU
plus other parts IE wiring harness, add 100$

ZC motor - D series 1.6 motor, non vtec, direct swap into an Si model, nothing required, but an ZC ECU upgrade is recomended, you can even keep the Si tranny. HF and DX models will need more work done, and more parts.
$ 525.00 Plus shipping and handling.
comes with everything needed
write up

B16A - will require new parts for any CRX, new ECU, axles, mounts (i believe) tranny, etc
Price: $ 1250.00 + shipping

H22 - complicated swap, good power and tq
200hp, 160 tq
1950.00 Plus shipping and handling.

B18c5 - pretty complicated swap, but very similar to the amount of work needed for b16a
Price: $ 2749.00 Plus shipping and handling.


D series
HF - long gears, economy
DX - similar to Si gears (i believe)
Si - short gears, with good final drive
ZC transmition - shortest gears

Best performance combo ZC with Si final drive. (costs a pretty penny to do)

Turbo Charger

Stock honda blocks can usually handle about 10psi but thats at the limit, higher boost, need to build internals.

Look at $1200+ for a full turbo setup ("junkyard setup")
Full kits are $2K +

Super Charger

(need links or prices)

Headlight buzzer - Ever left your headlights on and drained the battery because you didnt hear a noise reminder from your car? Well fix it.

Angel Eyes

Black housing lights/corners

JDM side markers - see JDM section

Fog Lights - jdm fog lights

duno $

New Bulbs - yellow bulbs


9500 Conversion - converting to real high powered/bright lights
"This cost me about $40 for 4 bulbs, or if your cheap you can get 2 bulbs for $20.

88/89 or 90/91 taillights - swap directly between each other (from what i remember), chosen on personal preference
88/89 - (black car)

90/91 - also black car


DIY - "mean looking" boser hood
My hood in progress

finished (not mine)


Carbon fiber hood - lighter version of the OEM hood, comes in black, looks good on most colors
320$ is the cheapest i found

ZC hood - see JDM section

SiR hood - See JDM section


Any wheel in 100x4 pattern

15's recomended for performance
16's recomended for looks/performance
17's show car only
nothing more then 17's


NSX brake swap
lots $$$

CRX drums to integra disks swap


After Market brake upgrade (mmHGCRX, wanna share prices specs?)

see alcon brakes prices

Body Kits
Wings West Mugen 6pc replica - the only widely accepted good looking body kit for a CRX

800$ + for the kit, plus labor, plus paint


ill get back to this later

tell me what you think, and how pointless my effort really is

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Energy Suspension Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer Bushing Set

$8.50 at the local auto parts store

Replaces the worn bushings in your manual tranny linkage. Not amazing results, but well worth the time and money.


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Middle part of the mod list

Weight Distribution/ Reduction

Battery Relocation to the back - improves cars 50/50 balance (or gets it closer to the 50/50 weight distribution), unclutters room upfront, makes it safer, easier to access, easier to install a remote cut off switch (required by NHRA, for fast cars, dont remember how fast)
Kit = < 100$

Sound insulation removal - free

Cargo area striping - free

Si/DX to HF bumper support
Junkyard - $$ duno

Lexan windows Ill)

Drag CRX

Fiber Glass front End - makes your car not street legal, or even road worthy, saves a ton of weight, improves aerodynamics

a pretty penny $

Drag Radials - gurantees great 60ft times, and improves traction, also not very streetable
No idea on specific sizes and specifications and pricing, hopefully somebody can let me in on the info.

Roll Cage - see Interior

Year difference Upgrades

Tail lights - see Lights section

Guage cluster - the 88/89's have a squarish rather looking cluster, and a little differnt placement of things inside it, while the 90/91's have a more contemporaly looking one. Swap between them requires some minor modification of the mounting bracket (no biggie) and a wiring harness and some wiring.


The entire dash swap - while the dash itself didn't change between the years, the 90/91 dash has a switch or "brain" for the 12volt outlet, which turns it off when you turn the key off, unlike the previous years, when it would stay on, and keep applets on, even with key out of ignition

Bumper Swap - personal preference

Rear disk Swap - just swap the disks that came in 90/91's Si's and possibly 90 DX's as well, into the pre 90 models, which never came with disks, you can upgrade the rotors and calipers later.

Write up

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SiR guage cluster install - The SiR guage cluster features 8k redline, 3 "round" guage faces, on dash car represantation on status of open doors, 190KMH speed face

around 200$ ebay
place to buy for 180$

Front End Swap - some models (SiR's, and possibly Si's) came with different elongated headlights, wrap around corner lights (underheadlights), different hood, different looking headlights. Comes with Sir hood, stanley head lights, stanley corners, fenders with side markers, radiator support, bumper with bottom lip spoiler, and amber bumper lights.

Price: $ 750.00 Plus shipping and handling.

Side markers - JDM CRX's came with turning blinkers on the fenders in front of the door behind the wheel

No more then 40$ I'd guess

Power doors/windows/mirrors - those features came powered in Japan, UKDM and EDM cars (crxmanpat) so you can update your USDM model to have them too. JDM controls will have to be fliped upside down to be used on LHD cars, unless you want them on pass side. Wiring will be required for all - windows, mirros and doorlocks.
See controls on the door

Mirrors expect about 150$+
Window/door switches, at least 100$

Power mirror write up

ZC popped hood - a Non SiR hood, with a "DSM" bump to clear the valve gears

no clue $

Inverted Dip/Bump hood - where the USDM hood dips down, on JDM models, it pops up (SiR i believe)
CF version of the hood

Will only fit properly on SiR headlights, usually comes with the SiR front end swap, swap on the whole front end - 750$ +

Rear Seat - Comes in all JDM models, fits into USDM models, pretty impractical, replaces our lockable storage compartment.

Expect to pay over 200$

Side Mirror Cover - see Rare CRX Factory Options

Heated Seats Dash Assembly - see Rare CRX Factory Options

Glass Top Cover - see Rare CRX Factory Options

Das Trays Padding - see Rare CRX Factory Options


Roll Cage - Not only stiffens body rigidity, makes the car safer in a car to car crash or rollover, and required on drag strips by NHRA for 12? second or faster cars, but also makes your car look cooler lol

pic of a crx where cage saved driver
Expect to shell out 700+$, and then labor, and paint (optional)

Armrest - Very rare piece. An accessory avaliable in US (jadkar). VERY usefull.

Usually about 150$ on ebay, but ranges from 50$ all the way to 200$

Reded Out Guage cluster lights - project done by myself in a matter of minutes. All that is required is a wallmart spray can of clear red, cast model car paint, (red), which is about 5$, horrible pic, ill update later.

Can't be more then 5$

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vovchandr, that's some good stuff. Nice that you added pics of things you were talking about. Must have been a bitch to go hunting down all those pics.

A couple of comments about some of the things you said:

Armrest - According to jadkar, they were an accessory that was also available for purchase in the US. And true, you can usually only find them on eBay now. That pic is actually of mine. I only paid $50 plus $25 shipping, but that was only after nobody bid on it the first time he listed it with a starting bid of $100, and the fact that had recovered it in red felt :td . I purchased some foam padding and black fabric and you can see the end result for yourself.

Power windows/door locks - I believe they were available on JDM, UKDM and EDM cars. I also don't think USDM cars are wired for power at the doors, so you would have to do all that for this mod (someone correct me here if I'm wrong). Oh, and if you get the controls, make sure you get the EDM ones as JDM/UKDM were made for RHD cars, and the major controls would wind up on your passenger side. And finally, if you have door mounted seatbelts, you would have to either mod your current door panels to make the controls fit, or convert to pillar mounted belts and swap in EDM door panels.

And, this is my 200th post! :w00t

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Guage Clusters

JDM Guage cluster - see JDM section

88/89 to 90/91 Swap - see Year Differences section

Integra guage cluster - swaping in an integra cluster (need to find a writeup)

Expect about 100$

JDM integra cluster - would love to hear B16crex's writeup

price ask b16crex

Interior Electronics

S2000 button - install the button from s2000 to start your car with "a press of a button"
another one

button alone is about 60$ at honda, cheaper if you buy it used, there are kits avaliable for about 30$

Rare CRX Factory Options

OEM Fog lights

JDM Aero Mirror Cover - keep the rain off the mirror while standing still (looks like that is the ONLY function, cool looking though.

JDM Glasstop cover - highly doubt many of us have interesest in it for personal use, non the less, its a rare JDM factory option

RHD DashMats - to keep things sliding around on your dash, also comes with a cup holder (2 metal brackets)

See also other rare accesories in this picture

European Heated Seats dash assembly with a personalized box - real real sweet item

CR-X Si Exclusive - all of its camel color leather interior, Si Exclusive Model was released in 1989, Only 350 Made (not an option really, but worth throwing in here)


08L03-SF1-100 ATTACHMENT, SKI $58.87
08180-SH3-A0-50 CAP (24TPI 50P)(CHROME PLATING) $0.39
08180-SH3-A0-60 CAP (32TPI 50P)(CHROME PLATING) $0.63
08180-SH3-01-02 CENTER CAP, WHEEL (13"/14") $25.39
91512-SM4-003 CLIP, FENDER (INNER) $0.18
08708-SH2-A0AH COVER, CAR $126.68
08P39-SH2-100 COVER, COCKPIT $13.49
08L02-SF1-10004 COVER, RACK END $2.70
08L02-SK7-100R1 CUSHION SET, RACK $10.46
08L02-SF1-1000-02 ELBOW, RACK $2.70
08V31-SH2-100F FOGLIGHTS $151.33
08140-SH3-A0AH GUARD, DOOR EDGE $10.80
08189-SH2-A0-02 HARDWARE KIT, VISOR $6.26
08V31-SH0-1M001 LIGHT ASSY., R. FOGLIGHT $62.50
08L02-SH2-100R1 LOCK SET, RACK $12.15
08187-SH2-A0AH LOUVER, RR. $156.80
08706-SH2-A0AH MASK, NOSE $33.75
08P35-SH2-100 MASK, NOSE (FULL) $82.62
08187-SH2-A0-10 MOUNTING KIT, LOUVER $40.08
08156-SH2-00AH MUDGUARD, FR. $16.19
08P09-SH2-100 MUDGUARD, RR. $17.56
90381-SV1-901 NUT, WHEEL $0.73
08L02-SH2-100R3 RACK, BRACKETS SET $18.70
08L02-SH2-100 RACK, ROOF (REMOVABLE) $48.45
08L02-SM4-100R2 RACK, STRIPS (RUBBER) $4.05
39797-SE0-004 RELAY ASSY., POWER (4P) $24.25
JP-11003 SKI POLE TIE DOWN $5.48
08180-SH3-A004 STEM, VALVE $2.78
08V31-SH3-0M007 SWITCH ASSY., FOGLIGHT $11.34
08L02-SF1-1000 TAPE SET, PROTECTIVE $4.72
08M10-SM4-100 TOOL, TRUNK SPRING $5.52
08143-SH2-00AH TRIM, FENDERWELL $49.14
08143-SH2-0002 TRIM, L. FR. FENDERWELL $15.63
08143-SH2-0004 TRIM, L. RR. FENDERWELL $15.63
08143-SH2-0001 TRIM, R. FR. FENDERWELL $15.63
08143-SH2-0003 VISOR, DOOR $44.55
08189-SH2-A0AH VISOR, SUNROOF $56.50
08W14-SH1-160S WHEEL (14"X5") (18-SPOKE)(GRAY) $148.43
08180-SH2-35AH WHEEL, L. (14") (MACHINED) $134.93
08180-SH2-25AH WHEEL, R. (14") (MACHINED) $134.93
08P15-SH2-110 FLOOR MAT, CARPET(BLACK) $38.20
08P15-SH2-11001 FLOOR MAT, L.(BLACK) $24.30
08P15-SH2-130F01 FLOOR MAT, L.(BLUE) $24.30
08147-SE3-5004 HINGE $2.02
80000-SH3-A13 AIR CONDITIONER $739.80
08118-SH2-40AH ANTENNA $13.50
08A01-101-220 CASSETTE 2000, ANTI-THEFT $349.65
08118-99901AH CASSETTE CLEANER $13.50
08A06-101-210 CD PLAYER $459.00
08A09-301-110 EQUALIZER (7-BAND) (GRAPHIC) $46.98
08A04-501-310 ETR (AM/FM) $67.15
08A01-001-310AH ETR/CASSETTE (1000) $241.65
08A01-101-230 ETR/CASSETTE (2000) $309.15
08A01-201-210 ETR/CASSETTE (3000) $403.65
08041-SH2-A0AH HEATER, ENGINE $20.45
08118-SH250AH SPEAKER (6.5") (DUAL CONE) $35.78
08A10-601-910 SPEAKER SET (6 1/2") $114.75
08118-SH2-51AH SPEAKER, COAX (6.5") $35.78
08040-SB3B0AH WARMER, BATTERY $19.91

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Radio block off plate - requires the removal of radio. First digits are part number if you want to get one at dealer ship.

Radio Plate:

Surround for the radio (if you do not have a factory radio already):
77233-SH3-A01 PANEL, RADIO

Antenna Plug - self explanatory.

Antenna Plug Plate:
39152-594-004 CAP, ROOF SEAL

Antenna Plug Grommet:
39153-SB6-000 WASHER, SEAL CAP

CANADIAN ONLY - CRX Special Edition AKA SE, comes with nothing major except a unique vin, one of only a few hundred made, little appearance details and interior changes.

Ski Rack - seen only one authentic one, went on ebay for 150$

Still to write (foot note to myself)
Air intakes
exhaust options
engine bay "clean up" and unclutering mod
Other - carbon fiber gas cap, cf cargo divider/cover, shaving rear wiper/antenna/H emblem/squirters/body moldings..
lips, carbon fiber, fiber glass
shifter bushings, short shifters

JDM wing w/e its called
s2000 button
cruise control

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Hey, thanks for adding that bit about a headlight buzzer. I'd rep you again, but I just did it on the brochure thread. I keep seeing these on eBay for like $5 plus $7 shipping (what a rip). I assume you can pick up the buzzer at any parts store?

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crxmanpat said:
Hey, thanks for adding that bit about a headlight buzzer. I'd rep you again, but I just did it on the brochure thread. I keep seeing these on eBay for like $5 plus $7 shipping (what a rip). I assume you can pick up the buzzer at any parts store?
hey man, np at all, thats what im here for

you can get it pretty much anywhere, im sure radioshack has em, and probably home depot has em as well

im just glad this thing is helping people

and dont worry about rep, i got about 1700 of it now, or just too much to count

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Vovchandr said:
you can get it pretty much anywhere, im sure radioshack has em, and probably home depot has em as well
Went to Checker the other day, they didn't have them. :confused You would think they would have had one. And damn, I was in the mall at lunch today (I'm getting back into the RC plane craze again) and forgot to go in there.
Me --> :bash <--Me

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When you find out about B16crex's writeup on his guage setup, lemme know. I actually like the way that looks over the SIR guages I have now.

Anyone else wanna shine some light on how do to this, please do. :number1

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thats funny i was looking into the cluster swap also , couldnt find anything. cant wait to soo a write up.

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Looks good!

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WHere can i buy that EXACT fiberglass frontend

ive looked all over and havent been able to find anything

you guys dont think you could get away with that on the streets

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Skunk91 said:
WHere can i buy that EXACT fiberglass frontend

ive looked all over and havent been able to find anything

you guys dont think you could get away with that on the streets
a fiberglass front end is pretty common, but if you're referring to the fact that it has headlights painted on it, that was a custom work of the owner, i think i remember a thread on it a while back, i pulled from the photogallery so you might find the user there

and no you wont get away with it on the streets

seems the thread is pretty usefull and popular tho, time to go back and revise it again a little, add more links/prices/info

gimme some time :number1

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So I did the headlight buzzer install (see post #1), and it was probably the easiest thing I've done so far. The buzzer was around $5 at Radio Shack, and it took all of 5 minutes to do. The instructions included were very helpful. It works perfectly.

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updated with rare CRX factory options, work more later, little by little getting it done
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