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I have a Hi8 camcorder by Samsung, I do not have it in front of me now, as I am at work, but I decided just a moment ago, I am going to sell it. I don't remember where I got it, but it works great. I am thinking fo going 100% digital.

The camera is in working order, it is used almost 3 times a week. All functions work properly, etc. LCD screen is flawless and works wonderfully.

It comes with Battery pack, AC Adapter for plug in power, and charging the battery. Hand strap is attatched to camera. I do NOT have the instruction manual, but I will enclose a CD/DVD/floppy (whichever I have available) that will contain the instructions in PDF format on there.

The model number is Samsung SC-L810

Product Description

Compact in size and easy to operate Samsung camcorders provide a top quality video image. The SC-L810 offers unique attractive functionality, special features, quality and simplicity. 2.5" TFT Active-Matrix LCD Display: TFT active-matrix technology assures the finest, brightest picture available. It rotates 210 degrees for multi-angle shooting, self-recording and playback. Back Light Compensation (BLC) insures proper light balance of entire scene by digitally adjusting iris to an optimum level. Auto/Manual Focus adds more ability for you to control the focus of the scene. 22x Optical; 880x Variable Speed Digital Power Zoom provides incredible zooming ability. Variable speed control is activated by automatic sensing of the amount of pressure applied to the zoom tab. Worldwide AC Adapter (100V-240V, 50/60Hz) enables camcorder operation and battery recharging anywhere in the world. Worldwide Multi-System Output offers both NTSC and PAL outputs. This enables you to plug your camcorder into almost any TV for viewing while vacationing in other countries. Easy-Q Button guarantees uniformly excellent shots for the user under any conditions. For Easy Mode, you press the Easy-Q button. From there, everything is set. Custom-Q Button makes it possible for professional users to program their favorite settings, adaptable to any condition. You press the Custom-Q button, and your favorite mode setting is set. Video Light provides additional lighting in poorly lit situations.


Dimensions (WxDxH):

10.1 cm x 17.5 cm x 10.5 cm


0.8 kg, 800 g

Additional Features:

Built-in speaker, backlight compensation

Lens Features

Optical Sensor Type:


Maximum Focal Length:

79 mm

Minimum Focal Length:

3 mm


LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.5" - color

Flash Features

Flash Type:


$100.00 Shipped (battery alone is $25-$40)
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