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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, excited to be part of it! I have a small car rental business here on Maui with 3 Hondas!
I would love feedback on this issue...
The Honda dealership told me I need a new ABS modulator for my 2013 Civic EX and they quoted me $1850.
And I am wondering if I should go forward with them or try to buy one on my own and have a mechanic put it in? Before I took it to Honda, I had my regular mechanic check it out because all my dashboard lights came on and it was telling me to check all the systems. My regular mechanic did not know what to do, he did some research and he found sometimes that is caused by a dirty connector so he cleaned that but then all the lights came back on and I went to Honda for a diagnosis. So I am hesitant to take it back to my other mechanic since he did not seem to be able to find the problem. And wondering if this is one of those things where you should just go
Honda dealership and pay the big prices because it sort of a complicated issue? Would appreciate any feedback, thanks so much!
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