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The Interior is Ready for a Change!

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Ok! I dont know if any of you have seen this mod of the 99-00 Civic or not. Check this out!

I was wondering is there anything for the Integra that could be switched around to make room for a widescreen lcd monitor. I really like the looks of that mod, it makes it look stock. Im not really wanting to make big changes(meaning I dont want to tear up the dash), trying to keep it looking somewhat stock. Anyone have any suggestions. Something you did or a URL of something you have seen. Anything would help. Thanks.
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Why don't you get one of those LCD screens that folds in so that you can't even tell it was even there?
I thought about that. The only thing with that is the model that I would want is like 2000 bucks. Thats more than I would care to spend on that. I want a DVD player along with the monitor too. But if I get a widescreen (which is differently what I want) and a seperate DVD player it would be a lot cheaper. I also like the look of the whole monitor in the dash anyway.
Mines for sale for $1800 plus shipping

Alpine widescreen motorized unit and din mount and Alpine din mount DVD player... Still have all the boxes, manuals and accessories..

See the pics here:

That is where my head unit is installed, steath mode!
Hey Coop!

You still got that same setup in the console with the gauges and all? If you do, how about a pic? That was one sweet setup!
Hey Coop!

I saw the dash man, nice. I cant seem to find any of that black plastic shitte for mounting. Any idea where a average shmoe like me could find some?
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