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The mini me is complete!!!

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my cousin and i finished the mini me hybrid yesterday. I dont know how to hook up the vtec so he just has to deal with it for awhile. He has has the EX ecu, and i heard you have to run three lines to activate VTEC, and i dont know didly, you guys have ne ideas? And i read that you can put ZC pistons in the mini me, are there any adjustments needed for that? And how reliable is the mini me? Sorry for so many questions, but ne help is appreciated. And anyone considering doing the mini me, its pretty darn simple.
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Hey Del_Whoa I dont know what a mini-me is all about,maybe I have been living under a rock for the last month...Idunno:confused: can u feel me in?thanks:D
ooo youve probably heard about it, its an ls/vtec type thing just with d-series engines. I dont know to much, others know a lot more but, i just put a d16z6 head (civic ex) on my cousins d15b (delsol-s). Im just trying to figure out how to make the vtec work without using a vafc. Sorry if its unclear.
alright I get it now.......hey were you still interested in that D-16Z6 head? also did you get the pic?.......let me know

What year EX ECU is it? I can tell you where to run the wires to if you know if it's OBD 1 or 2. Let me know Peace!
its a 96 civic ex ecu. Thanks for the help, savior!
Hey i also have a D15 but its in a civic, and i have a friend who has a D16 motor sitting at home doing nothing, if i were to put that head on my motor, how much gain am i looking at. What im asking is, is it worth all the work? Also if anyone has instructions on how to do this i would appreciate it. Thanks

thats a very good site on what you need and how much you expect to get in power. Good luck if you decide to go with a mini me vtecsol. I think its worth doing, jumping about 20-30 hp just for 150 dollars and a couple hours work.
You should ditch that ECU it won't like what your doing. Get a P28 and I don't have the book with the pinout for the OBD 2 with me right now. That ECU is going to ruin the power you would normally get. OBD 2 isn't good for anything but emissions bro. i should get a d16z6 ecu? the 92-95 ecu? SHNAP, my cousins going to be mad..LOL. Thanks for the tip skidtron.
congrats. let us know how it pulls
Thanks eh2, still have problem on how to wire the VTEC, thats all we are waiting on right now, and we are also trying to look for some zc pistons in the yards. Ill let you know how it turns out when its all done.
Thanks Del Whoa for that website with the info...Do you know any other sites that kinda give you a step by step or how to so i can know exactly what to buy and how much each thing is. Get it? I mean what happens is people say that a b16 cost around 2300 or whatever but you end up spending an extra grand on little parts people forget or dont mention. So what im askin, is does anyone have a list of all the parts needed and a rough cost of each one. I would appreciate this a lot, thanks a bunch guys.
Well ill give you an estimate of how much all the parts that my cousin and i got were, so it can give you an idea. Im trying to get another head so i can do a mini me on my friends hatchback as well.

SOHC VTEC head : ebay $250, includes all gaskets, intake manifold, throttle body, valve cover, and solenoid. Theres an auction on ebay right now for about $127

D16y8 ecu: $90 dollars, but im trying to get a d16z6 now.

So in total it was about $340 labor was free of course, actually i got payed in kool-aid flashin fruit punch drinks. Im still looking for a better tranny and thats goin to run quite a bit.

Hope that helps.
I also forgot to mention that you have to pull out the oil plug before putting the sohc vtec head on, because the head has an oil feed of its own i think... heres a pic of what you have to pull out, just get some needle nose pliers or something.

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Oh shit why are you so helpful!!:D The good thing is my friend has a D16z6 at home with everything except the block and throttle body. I will also use his tranny, and while im there im thinking of getting a new clutch and flywheel. What do you think?? I will also have to get the D16z6 ecu, thats the only thing that will cost a little dough for me. Im looking to get away with spending 300 including clutch and free labor and VERY cheap head and all. You think its possible??
Cool, I'm glad someone FIANLLY did this swap and showed some pics to help everyone out. Thanks man. How does it run? Is the head swap worth it? Also how hard is the install? I'm not like a great mechanic or anything, but I can change my oil and stuff? Would I have any problems doing the head swap? thanks
O man...your lucky Vtecsol, all those parts for free....The setup and things you got goin sound really good. And good luck with the head swap. No problem for the help guys, and Anthonya182 i think the head swap is worth it if what the site says is true. My cousin still has no vtec so it feels a little different, but it could just be a mental thing, but after the vtec gets goin ill post up to tell you how the gains feel and stuff. I thought the installation was kinda easy, just got to take your time and remember where everything goes, no rush. Well my internets not working at home ne more so im at the library and its going to be awhile before DSL is back up and running, so ill back in a like...a long time.
head bolt.....

whats up del whoa, i did this a couple months back, im running a d15b7 (dx 92-95 Block) with a d16y8 (96-00 EX head). im just wondering what head bolt did you use on the upper left hand corner? I know that mine didnt go all the way down but the other 9 did. anyway it runs great, i hope the gasket aint leakin. btw i dont think the oil jet on the d15 has to be remove, i believe the earlier d15s and 16s, you have too.
sup Alphaquake. O really? you dont have to move the oil line? Well i just got a lot of feedback about how you have to remove the oil feed, now im kinda worried if my cousin and i should have taken it out or not. If you guys know anything please post, Thanks. About the bolts, everything went in fine, perfect fit. I used the d16z6 head not the y8 so maybe taht could be a difference as well. Sorry if im no help. later
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