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2008 Honda Accord V6 EX-L Coupe
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I finally pieced together the perfect/cost effective exhaust setup for the 8th Gen Honda Accord V6! After months of contemplating the addition of a Vibrant resonator to my exhaust system, I finally pulled the trigger. First impressions, the change is very subtle. It takes someone who knows their car well to notice the change. The exhaust note is slightly deeper, has less rasp and is higher pitch at the high RPMs! For anyone looking to clean up their exhaust sound, create a custom one or experiment with your current system I highly recommend this resonator :)

Vibrant 3” Resonator:

Full Exhaust Setup:
-RV6 J-Pipe
-Kooks 3” Muffler
-Vibrant 3” Resonator
-3” Exhaust Piping Throughout

Here are next mods that are going to be installed on the Accord: Megan Racing Toe Arms, Megan Racing Rear Camber Arms, Megan Racing Rear Traction Arms, P2R Ported Lower Intake Manifold Runners & P2R Manifold Spacer.

Make sure to follow along with the channel because there are going to be huge changes to the build this year :)!

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