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h22 parts

-stock oem o2 sensor, great condition selling it b/c im using my wbo2 as the primary o2 sensor also
-3 rods
-2 pistons
-inectors 290cc
-balance shafts
-ac compressorS
-2 neuspeed springs for a prelude brand new. just have the rears though.
-shocks REARS only
-full oem radiator with only 1 fan
-bumper support- off of a 5th gen
-a/c condensor
-test pipe
-manual (book)
-window wiper fluid tank
-Lots and Lots of other random misc shit just ask me

f22a1 stuff

-f22a1 intake manifold with throttle body

heres a pic of some stuff, i have alot more pics of anything you want to see.

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