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I've made some changes since I last posted up my rigs. Namely a better video card in my main box and a different whitebox laptop. I'm in orlando right now so I'll not beable to post pics of my laptop and new vid card. However I'll post my old pictures... Oh and I got rid of my second server. It was just taking up power. Quad is still in pieces tho... can't decide what to do with it.

Laptop -
Asus Z80K
AMD Mobile 3000+
1024mb DDR400
40gb Hard drive
RM9700 128mb
Belkin Pre-N Wireless

Desktop -
Gigabyte Motherboard
P4 3.06ghz
2048mb DDR400
80gb Sata
Aspire XQpack case

Wife's PC -
MSI Mobo
P4 3.06ghz
1024mb DDR266
80gb PATA
Toshiba DVD-RW
ATI 9500Pro
Antec Case

Karma - (On the left)
MATX 845 Intel Board
P4 1.8ghz
512mb DDR333
40GB O/S Drive
4 x 120gb ATA100's on Promise SX4060 in a RAID5
250gb USB Drive for backups
Antec Server Tower

Quad -
Intel SC450NX
4x 700mhz 2mb Xeon
1.5gb EDO ECC
2x18gb 15k, 2x36gb 15k U160 SCSI

XP Pro for the workstations and Server 2k3 for the server.

Pictures are here. The laptop and second server are different/gone.
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