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i have a 93 civic dx. its a d15b7 motor, automatic. a few days ago it had the loping idle, i cleaned the IACV on the back of the intake(wasnt that dirty at all) when i was taking the IACV off, there are 2 hoses that run to it and a plug. one of the hoses fell down by the firewall and i cant find out where the hell it went. anyone have this problem or know where it might have went? the one hose runs to somewhere under the intake(i think) and i cant figure the other one out. anyway. i also pulled the FITV off and it was pretty much shot(only has 1 plug and hose going to it). i got a good one from the junkyard but it has the 1 plug and 2 hoses for it. i plugged the plug in and hooked the hose up to the fitting nearest the front of the car and fired the car up. it runs nice now, but when i turn the heater on, antifreeze shoots out the rear fitting. anyone know what i should do? could i plug that hole up or should i try switching the internals of the new FITV to the old one?

next, i just put a brand new radiator, topped it off with water and ran it today. i had it running for about 10-15 mins and it had a good temp(about 1/4-1/3 the way up). the fan kicks on(seems kind of late). but after about 15-20 mins the temp went straight to the "H". i noticed it and turned it off. i immediatly assumed it lost its fluid, checked it, all fine, checked the hoses, fine. checked the oil to see if there was antifreeze mixed with it from bad headgasket, nothing. just oil. started the car up again, revved it, no white smoke or anything out of the exhaust. i decided to take it for a ride after it cooled off, after moving it out of the driveway and moving the other cars back in, the temp was getting pretty high. went out thinking the wind would cool it down. the car was really down on power and the temp kept going right up right to the H. turned it off, and steam was coming from out of the hood. thinking it might be the thermostat(except one of the bolts is broken and i dont know how to get the rest of it out-the head broke off the bolt-any ideas?)

could a thermostat cause the car to run hot and get hot quickly like that? could it make the car really sluggish-like i would give it gas after backing out of the driveway and it would bog and barely move. anyone have any idea what this could be? if it is the headgasket, how come fluid isnt mixing with the oil or coming out the exhaust?

next when i got the car the hood wouldnt open, so i pulled on the cable right next to the handle inside the car and it popped. finally got finished working on the car today and went to close the hood and WOOLAH, it didnt close, slammed it, did everything. hood wont close. anyone have any experience with hood cables and latches? does anyone have any DIY guide on how to remove and install the complete assembly? also, on the passenger side back of the hood where the hood is hinged, you can lift the hood up from there. the other side has like this small ball going thru it to hold the hood and hinge together. the pass side there is no ball and it looks like it broke/sheared off or something? any ideas. and also, the trunk latch----i bought a brand new assembly, took the old one out, pulled the cable off it and the metal bar off it, put it all together and close the trunk and Woolah, it didnt close. the metal around the latch is kind bent downwards-could this make it no close? i tried to do some bending and it wasnt working to well. could i cut some of it out-would that work?

other than the 2 latches, the 2 problems with the FITV & IACV, and the overheating, the car is in great shape. sorry to write so much but just trying to get it all down so i can get some help on these things.

also, is anyone selling a complete motor/trans for a civic? looking for a complete stock or very few mods done to it. looking for the same as in this car now---incase something is screwed with the motor. cheaper the price, the better. i have a non vtec and 4speed auto. anyone got anything? thanks
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