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These are so phat

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Hey everyone, Im sure everyone else has heard of these and im just livin under a rock. But have yall heard of the new modifier cars Tech Deck is comin out with. These things are so cool. I havent been able to find a date when they would be released, so if anyone knows when they will be coming out please let me know. Here is a article that NHRAimport did


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That looks pretty cool a real buget honda :D
Finally a really good idea! I love it!
lol....I want one. Anyone know how much they are going to run? Also, more parts? Those are pretty tight.
I love these things. I have to have one. There is an ad for them in the March 2002 Import Tuner. I have no idea how much they are going to cost but I dont car. Later

Here are a few of the parts they are listing in the ad of Import Tuner: AEM, Eibach, Greddy, Tanabe, TSW, Yokohama, Racing Hart, Bomex, Sparco, Nitto, DC Sports, American Racing Wheels, Ground Designs, Kaminari, Lowenhart, Stillen, Volk, RH Revolution, Maido, Konig, Injen, Axis, Intrax, Axis, Apexi, Weld Wheels, Lsportline, Mackin, Vortech, DJM suspension, K&N, Neuspeed, Colorado Customs, Mickey Thompson, Borla, Trail Master, Holley, Fabtech... These are all they have listed right now but they say there are more that are coming. If anyone finds out when they will be release please let me know. Later

SinisterSI said:
sweet! I'll take one :D
super nice me too!

thats the website i need one!!wheres the wrx version damnit:mad:
Those are sweet...I want one!!!
hey ebsituner are those the RC race car kits?
yeah man, i'm gonna go and pick a body up this no money these days to hook up my car, so i'll modify my rc car for a while.
they're coming out in april- the first cars that are going to be offered are:

and 2 or 3 more i cant remember right now- but isnt it nice how they chose are cars? just like matchbox :D how do you guys feel being able to go into a store where you can buy your car for 99 cents, and HA, it even comes in red :D
thats going to be so phat I can't wait to buy one of
each car. Start a mini collection of phat cars...;)
If these things are not too expensive or hard to find I will have to get one and tune it a little. Looks to be as much fun as putting a gundam together but then again you can't tune a gundam now can you?
They need to get mugen on board so I can get a twin-loop. Afterall, a Si is nothing with out a twin-loop
and I can finally get the volk te-37 in bronze for the si...the miny si.
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