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i just bought a 96 honda prelude about two weeks ago, when i bought it i was having nothing but problems with it( i bought the car 500 miles away on e-bay) so i drove down and picked it up on a uhaul trailer. bad idea i barely got to drive the car when i was down there and it had a really screaming belt (hid the other horrible noise) so i took the car strait to my local honda dealer and they fixed the belt but then everything came crashing down.
i have a horrible metel on metal kinda like fingernails on a chalkboard noise comming from somewere around my belts possibly the tranny. but then i noticed something else when i was starring in dread under my new baby. who ever owned this thing b4 me did a real number on the driver side frame ahead of my wheel well, THEY CUT THE FRAME TO GET THE H22 to fit, i dunno if they hit something and it crunched the frame back or if they used the wrong mounts or what but in order to make the bottom pully (crank i think) fit they acutally cut the frame and now the belts are so close i bet i could barely get a piece of paper between them and my frame... i love the lude but is it worth it, is this a common problem, the car was an automatic but was converted to a manual. so my main question is, are the mounts (auto /manual)different if i bought new mounts would it move the engine away from my already mutilated frame

please help i would hate to resell it it is such a beutifull automobile
ps. i live in wisconsin so tuner shops are out of the question....
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