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things for sale cheap!!!

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Heres the list

1. 2 12" 1241D Alpine Type R subs. w/ box = $300 obo.

2. Chrome Audiobahn Amp. A4401Q 440 watt x4 channel = $200 obo.

3. Alpine v12. Amp Mrv-t503 500 watt x2 channel =$150 obo.

4. Catz hid light bulbs for preludes =$20 obo.

5. Stock Accord Wing (red 99 accord 2 door) = email me a price

6. 99 Accord stock clear head lights. = $35 obo.

7. Altezza lights Gen. 99 accord coupe = $25 obo.

need to get rid of asap. email me [email protected] for questions everything in mint condition email for pics. Thanks for looking
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You said stock clear headlights...meaning you opened them up and removed the yellow strip? If so, I'll buy those from you.
stock clear headlights

you said you want to buy them..just send me the money through paypal if you have a paypal account or just send me a money order!!!email me at [email protected] for more details..oh yeah where are you located?
yeah their stock headlights that i cleared out long time ago..
I'm interested in the wheels. Stock or aftermarket. All four preferably. Contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!
are those catz lights the Zetas with ballasts??? if so what size are they?
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