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i am going to look at a 93 5th gen civic dx with 21000 miles on it with a little rust. but what should i look for. i am buying it from a old couple and i don't want to be done over lol.
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check the glove box for false teeth! :zombie:
NO, seriously though. You should see if the old man dropped in a prelude engine... That'd be SWEET!

Other than that, the usual test drive should suffice. Get a rag and check for oil leaks, fuel leaks, and even the radiator. If he's not standing right by you, really rev the piss out of it to make sure everything holds up at high-rpm. (do it again with the hood popped and listen for engine knocking, etc).

Listen for any sign of backfire, or pops from the shocks when turning.
give it a compretion check, also check the air filter to see how he took care of it. check the spark plugs to they can tell you alot, look for leaks. take it for a test drive. make sure it shifts nice cluch works ect. take your hands off the stearing weel when going in a strait line, if the car pulls to one side it needs an alinment. hit the brakes hard well going farily fast dose it pull to one side? dose the stearing weel raddle? turn the car sharp (like a u turn) and listen for unusaual sounds, if so it may need new cv joints, facter any thing it needs in to the price of the car and tell the owner what it will cost to fix it then make an offer on the car the same amount as it he asked sutract the repair cost.:)

good luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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