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Speaking at the Geneva motorshow during the launch of the FIA Foundation and Bridgestone ‘Think Before You Drive’ road safety campaign, FIA President Max Mosley said:

“I am delighted to be here to today to support the ‘Think Before You Drive’ road safety partnership between the Bridgestone Corporation and the FIA Foundation.

“Road traffic injuries are both an urgent global issue, with 1.2 million people estimated killed on the world’s roads each year, and a private tragedy for the people involved. Each one of the 3000 people who die each day in road crashes has a family, friends, colleagues who are affected. Tens of thousands of people are caught up in the tragedy of road deaths in this way every day.

“One of the most frustrating aspects of this death toll is that so many road deaths and injuries are entirely preventable, either because the crash could have been avoided in the first place or because the injury consequences could have been mitigated by simple safety actions: improved vehicle and road design; improving the behaviour of road users.

“That is why the messages of the ‘Think Before You Drive’ campaign are so important. We must do all we can to remind car users that they have a responsibility to protect themselves, their passengers and other road users.

“Take seat belts. Recent research by the US Government has found that seat belts were responsible for saving more than 160,000 lives in the US in the years 1960 - 2002. Every government could demonstrate similar findings. Yet in some US states and European member states seat belt wearing rates – particularly in the rear - are still far too low. Across the world, including in rapidly motorising countries like India, China and Brazil, the message that seat belts save lives has not yet taken hold. There is a great deal of education to do, not just with the public, but with police and government too.

“Over the next three years many of the FIA’s member automobile clubs around the world will participate in the ‘Think Before You Drive’ campaign, promoting its simple, potentially life saving messages. I am pleased that this year the campaign will also be promoted at some of the Formula One Grand Prix events.

“On behalf of the FIA, and also speaking as a trustee of the FIA Foundation, I look forward to a long and successful partnership between Bridgestone Corporation and the FIA Foundation in raising the profile of these vital road safety messages.”
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